A Low Budget Party that boasts being Expensive

Being crafty in this day and age sure can go a long way for party planning. Making your décor for the party is special too. It can compliment you in everyway, when presenting a beautiful dinner party.

By planning a dinner party ahead of time is half the battle. Make notes of a theme you wish to center your party around. For example it’s about Easter. Then you may want to include hard boiled colored eggs. For a springy theme to your dinner table you can start with a plain while or ecru colored table cloth. Some votive candles or small pillar candles you can add. Remember its spring so think spring colors. Pinks are the best idea.

Next, buy a bag of Easter confetti or confetti that will compliment your dinner. Spread this confetti over your table cloth. The colors in this confetti will add flavor to your table. Put your candles on the table, and a few hard boiled eggs that are different colors. Remember now a day you do not have to boil the eggs to get colored eggs. Many of the stores carry the hard boiled colors eggs. You can also add different colored peeps to your table décor. This method of decorating a table is inexpensive but in the same token it will look like you have spent time and money to decorate. When cleaning up, well you know the peeps will be gone, just remove everything except the confetti. Take it to the trash can and just dump it, and now you are clean.

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