7 Things A Company Offering Home Service Should Have

More and more companies nowadays are offering home or mobile service. Consumers are realising the convenience of having services and products come to them instead of going out of the house and going to the stores. The mobile service most companies now offer gives the consumers a more personalised experience and an easier way of shopping and getting a particular service. Now there are various companies and organisations offering mobile vets, mobile hair and beauty services, home service phone repair, as well as pick up and return repairs for laptops.

If you are one of the many companies who want to offer mobile service, there are several factors you need to consider. Before advertising to your market that you now offer home service, make sure you have all these things first.

1. Proper Inventory and Availability

Unlike in a brick and mortar store where you can only display what you have, mobile service companies need to have all of their products ready for delivery and to have all of the services ready to be provided. Property inventory is essential. Before opening your store to get orders, make sure stocks are enough for sending out and personnel are readily available to provide services.

2. Target Locations

If you only have one branch to cater to all your costumers it would be difficult to cover the entire city. Even if you have more than one branch, not all of these can also accommodate all of the clients located around the city. Make sure you identify target locations, preferably those near your branch, and ensure these areas can easily be given service to.

3. 24/7 Costumer Service

Just because you’re constantly out of the office, it doesn’t give you an excuse to be out of customers’ reach. Companies offering mobile service need to make sure their clients can still easily get in contact with them 24/7 for whatever customer service concerns they have.

4. Phone with VOIP

A mobile phone will come in handy for companies who are constantly on the go but a phone with VoIP service is better. Aside from the lower costs and the reliable connection that comes with getting a VoIP service, additional features will give businesses an edge in handling communications within and outside the company. The “Find Me Follow Me” feature for example offered in VoIP packages is a good tool for field personnel. They can greatly use this to still receive calls as if they’re at their desk in the office.

5. Mobile EFTPOS

Like how companies offering delivery services always have a reliable EFTPOS ready, a company offering a home or mobile service also needs to carry around a mobile EFTPOS. Costumers should not have a hard time paying for your product or service and you should provide as many payment options as possible. As most consumers pay using a credit or debit card, then having a portable EFTPOS terminal is vital.

6. Accessible Websites

Websites are important especially if you offer home or mobile services. Before, the phone book was the primary source of information in finding companies that can offer certain services. Now, the Internet is the first place most consumers go to. This is why it’s essential for your business to have a website that can be viewed not just on a personal computer and laptop but also on a mobile phone.

7. Useful Apps

Mobile apps are also useful to aid costumers in getting your product and service. There are numerous free apps now that guide consumers on where to go to purchase a certain product or who to call to get a certain service. Take advantage of these apps to help get your company out there and to be more visible to your market.

With all of these preparations and gadgets, your mobile service is ready to go. Only when you are completely prepared can you give a complete and excellent service to your clients. In ensuring you are armed with these seven things, you make sure that your mobile service is equipped to provide exceptional service to all of your customers.

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