5 Top Tips to Save Money when Planning your Wedding

As soon as you mention the word “Wedding” everything from food to flowers seems to double in price! It’s a day you want to remember forever, but not necessarily end up with large holes in your pockets. Here are 5 top tips to help you save money whilst planning for a wedding, without compromising on the quality of your special day.

1.     Wedding Dress

Your wedding dress is important, but let’s face it, you will only ever wear it once. When shopping around for your dream gown, don’t always look to bridal shops and the like. It’s highly likely that other brides have only worn their piece once before, so the condition of a second hand gown would be nearly just as good as new – without the large price tag. Why not try some online sites or even your local thrift shop to see what you can find.

2.     Invitations

Having professional invitations made can also add to the total tally of your wedding day. Why not be creative and make your own! There are amazing materials around to help you make the perfect invite – using your own home printer will also cut down some of the time it would take in creating these. If you are time poor, and can’t really spare the hours it would take, be sure to do your research and look to other avenues. For example many people who enjoy making invitations have set up their own little business; they may be more economical than approaching specific wedding invite companies.

3.     Photography

Photos will last forever and are a special reminder of your wedding day. When looking at different packages, why not consider having a photographer before and during your ceremony, then having your guests take some pictures at the reception? Disposable cameras on the reception tables are a fun and easy way to get your guests involved and capture moments that your photographer may not. With the endless programs available for editing photos, you can also turn a simple shot into a true masterpiece!

4.     Reception Venue

This one is pretty important, as you want to ensure your guests also enjoy your big day. When picking your venue, be sure to ask about the price variations for different days of the week. Gone are the days of only having Saturdays or Sundays to choose from.  Fridays have also become quite a popular pick, as the rates are less and you and your guests have the whole weekend to recover! You may also be able to lock in a great accommodation deal for your wedding night, if you choose a venue that specializes in weddings.

5.     Honeymoon

After many months of planning for your big day, you certainly deserve to have a well relaxed break! Depending on where you wish to travel, your destination may be quite expensive if travelling during peak times. Why not celebrate your honeymoon by taking a short break locally and then plan a bigger trip when rates are not so expensive? It will also give you time to save up some spending money and take care of other important things such as updating your new name on your drivers license.

Your wedding day can be memorable (for all the right reasons) without leaving you completely broke. Don’t get caught up in the hype and make decisions you will later regret. Be sure to look at these different options so that this important day is truly a happy one.

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