5 tips to save more money on petrol costs!!

The price of Gas, Petrol, and diesel has skyrocketed in 2008. This has really got everyone thinking of new ways to save fuel. Not everyone has the luxury of driving around in a solar powered car.

The number one way to save money on petrol costs would be to simply stay home. I don’t mean never step out of your door, however stop making those unnecessary trips.

Planning to kill two or three birds with one stone is also a great petrol saver. If you have to go somewhere anyway and can incorporate a few extra errands, you’ll be laughing!

Car pool. This an American term of which Australians are becoming very familiar with. I don’t think we even have our own term for sharing a ride or getting a lift but

Empty your car. Don’t drive around with your car loaded with unnecessary items. Check to see whats in your boot and clean it out. I know one guy who has a van and stores boxes of drinks for his cafe in there. Are you serious!!!

Don’t drive like an idiot. Don’t put your foot flat on the accelerator because it just literally suck s the petrol from your tank. My husband is a shocker for this. He always drop the gear to 2ND going up a hill at 100km per hour. You should hear the car revving!!!

Of course there are plenty more tips out there.. Let me know if you think of any good ones!

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