5 tips to save money on your grocery bill

In this day and age we need to you stretch our dollar further and if you can save money on your grocery bill, every little bit counts. Running a household on a budget and keeping your family fared at the same time can be a tricky business. Unfortunately this skill is not taught in any school. Life skills are severely neglected when it comes to school education.

Making money, managing money and saving money are all a very important part of our lives. Some simple tiny strategies can save you a lot of money, especially when you are shopping for groceries. This is something that we need to do almost every week and we will never stop shopping for groceries. That is why we need to save money on your grocery bill right now.

Five tips to save money on your grocery bill

Hungry shoppers spend more money

Have you ever been shopping for groceries when you are hungry or thirsty? Well I have. When you are hungry everything looks good and you want to buy it. You walk through the grocery store basically dreaming about what you could make to eat because you are that starving.

If you have ever gone shopping on an empty stomach you would know what I’m talking about. It is just not a good idea to do this and you should always have something to eat before grocery shopping.

Cook meals from scratch

When you go grocery shopping and you buy the ingredients to cook meals from scratch, it is always cheaper than buying processed foods and pre-prepared meals. For example a TV dinner could cost nearly $10, whereas you could make for meals for $20. Of course meals cooked from scratch are a lot nicer as well. It is even cheaper you can use no name brand food actual base ingredients.

If you are complaining about time, then you simply need to find some quick and easy recipes to solve your problem.

Compare prices

I have a serious problem when it comes to comparing prices. I love to get a good deal and value for money. In actual fact I did not even like to spend money and less I think I have made a great deal. To compare prices of products that you buy in the grocery store you need to know the value of the product in the first place.

The best way to find out the level price of a product is to visit various grocery stores to find out what they sell it for. You might also find that one entire grocery store has constant cheaper prices than the others.

All you have to do is open in your eyes and be aware of the prices.

Check your docket

People often neglect to check their docket after they have been grocery shopping. Let’s face it, the checkout attendant is only human, and they do make mistakes. Also, sometimes items are priced wrong on the shelves. Why bother looking for specials when you are not going to get charged the right price anyway? If you check your docket you will know that you are paying the price that you intended.

Checking your docket is not saying that you do not trust the grocery store, it is just saying that you are being careful and you know that people make mistakes. Unfortunately it is not your responsibility to pay for these mistakes.

Shop quickly

This is a new theory of mine. Only go shopping when you haven’t got much time to go shopping. This is great because you have to run into the grocery store, quickly get what you want, and get out again. This is the best way to save money on your grocery bill because you will only get what you need and you will get it quickly.

There is no need to set a time to go shopping, as the more time you have to do your grocery shopping, the more money you will spend.

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