5 Simple Tips to Save Money on Clothing

After spending you money on holiday, September is more about saving than spending money. Summer is over and Autumn is coming fast ,so you might need a few new garments to stay warm and trendy. Do not worry if your clothing budget has taken a hit, follow our shopping tips and you will be able to renew your wardrobe at low cost.

1) Spend more time and Less Money

Time is money! So spend more time and you will save money. Very often, we tend to rush our purchase. It is quite hard to resist to buy clothes you like, when they are in front of you, but a little patience can save you money. Prices vary from shop to shop, so spend a bit more time shopping around and you will be able to save money. Quite often, shops on less crowded street as less expensive than those on big shopping malls.

2) Update your Negotiating Skills

With the rise of clothing franchise, negotiating is not as popular as before. Franchise and big chain stores won’t often accept to negotiate prices, however independent and small shops are more open and are often likely to knock off a few bucks if you buy 2 or more items in their store.
Remember, the hardest thing in negotiating is to dare doing it!

3) Recycling also works with Clothes

Recycling is good for the environment , but it can also be a good thing for your wallet. It is quite amazing a to browse second hand clothes because the range is huge, colorful and clothes are often in very good condition. You might not find clothes from the latest fashion, but you might be able to find one of these vintage piece of garment that will amaze everyone.

4) Check Online

Most online stores have lower margins than traditional retailers, so shop online and benefit from proper discounts. For example In City Fashion, offers women’s dresses up to 40% off.
You will be amaze how quick your order will arrive and you will not only save money, but a lot of time too. To take advantage of free delivery you have to buy a certain amount, so make sure you do all your shopping at once.
To be sure that the clothes will fit you, do not hesitate to go to a traditional shop to try the clothes. Remember the size and purchase it online.

5) Wait a bit, it will get Cheaper

Shopping off-season is great way to save money on clothing. Once the rush is finish, shopping centres often discount the remaining stock to clear it. Shop for your winter clothes in spring and get your summer clothes in advance when Autumn hits.


  1. Printable Coupons says

    Great tips. I’ve been doing these as well. It’s amazing how many things you really don’t need that are already around the house. If possible, don’t bring the kids. Use coupons too..
  2. leather ipad case says

    I usually buy wholesale for different designs and colors. It saves a lot of money. I get the item half of its original price. I do this once every month. I do love garage sale and surplus, they are cheaper. Advantage is that you may get some designers clothes that are pre-owned. Sometimes I customize my old clothes to give some new looks.

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