5 Reasons Why Cooking Can Save You Money

When supporting the entire family, it sometimes becomes challenging to balance simplicity, nutrition, and cost all at the same time. Working parents usually look up to the convenient option of buying fast food for themselves and their children instead of cooking at home. People think they are saving both money and time by doing this. However, the truth is that they not only are they spending more buying junk food, but the entire family is at a risk due to lack of nutrition.

Working mothers try to justify their selection by confessing that after working all day, they do not have the strength to decide on the menu or stand and cook dinner in the kitchen. Most working mothers resort to the most convenient option of providing dinner to their children from a fast food restaurant.

If that sounds like you, then ask yourself a few questions. What do you think your children will buy as their dinner meal for the money they have Is it going to be nutritious and healthy? Apart from affecting your budget, is this decision also affecting the health of your kids Undoubtedly!

It is easy to understand that convenient food is often expensive and not nutritious or healthy. Such foods are loaded with corn syrup (high fructose) and MSG (usually disguised with natural flavoring), both of which are dangerous for our bodies.

But it requires time and effort to prepare food at home and it is expensive. Many people think that eating from the dollar menu is much cheaper than purchasing monthly grocery and preparing food. According to a study, it requires $100/person for the food budget for a month. So for a family of four, it would be about $400 only.

On the other hand, if you compare this with buying fast food, the expense would be much higher. For instance, nobody actually spends a single dollar per meal from the dollar menu. When it comes to the evening meal, it consists of a burger, drink, and fries, which makes it $3 dollar per person. Now multiply it with the number of days and the result would be $270/person in a month. It is almost triple the amount of the typical budget per person.

Although this option might appear more convenient, it is indeed expensive. And when you consider its nutritional value, then you may be consuming a meal loaded with calories and fats that lacks nutritional value.

Cooking at home is not only favorable for your budget but also for your health. Therefore, make some effort and take out some time to provide healthy food to your family instead of bearing the additional cost of purchasing junk food everyday and the cost of health your family may suffer eventually.

Andrew has been working in the food industry for over 3 years distributing sushi machines. When is not working, Andrew loves promoting the benefits of cooking online.


  1. Chique Weiz says

    We are both working and there are times that we need to take our meals outside home, when I found out that eating outside eats our budget, we minimize it and instead, I always wake up early to prepare our meals and bring it in our office. As much as possible during dinner, we refrain instant viands and exert more on home cooking.

  2. Steve says

    Pointed! I think it’s not only save the money but also ensure the safety of healthy as well as save the stomach!! Though at this corporate age none have so many time of cooking but parents should mine out few times for cooking so that kids get fresh foods and stay away from junk items. Thanks for a precious bit.

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