5 Cool Ways To Make Money When You’re Struggling To Buy Food

When it gets to the end of the month I wonder how much money you still have left. Do you look after your money and stop yourself from going crazy, or do you spend it all within the first week? You wouldn’t be the only person to be struggling with absolutely no money to pay for something important. Maybe you’ve managed to pay your bills, but that doesn’t help you when your kitchen is empty and you don’t have any money to pay for food.

You definitely can’t last until the end of the month because there might be a few weeks to go. You need to think of easy ways to make money fast. When your back is up against the wall it’s a lot easier to have success because you’re forced into it. We’re now going to look at some ways you can easily make enough money to stock your cupboards with food. You just need to choose one way and run with it before it’s too late.

Sell stuff on EBay

If you haven’t used EBay yet now is as good a time as any to start. If you read the newspaper you will know about some of the strange things people buy. I’m not sure if there is anything in the world someone won’t give you money for. You just need to go around your home choosing things you will sell, but remember you won’t ever see them again so try to get rid of the things you don’t have an emotional connection to. You shouldn’t regret any sale you make.

Write articles

How good are you at writing articles? If you enjoy writing you might be able to make some money in a hurry. There are a few websites on the Internet where you can sign up and pick jobs off a board to write. It will then be deposited into your PayPal account once per week and if you time it right you could be paid within a few days. The money is poor, but at least you will have something to warm your belly and fill you up.

Do odd jobs

If you know a lot of people you might get lucky because they could need some work done. If you have any specialist home improvements skills you could trade your time for a little money. You just need to ask or you won’t get, plus if anyone does need something done they are more likely to give the job to someone they trust. If you don’t have any specific skills I’m pretty sure you could figure out how to cut some grass or trim a tree.

Have a garage sale

If you have too many things you want to sell it’s going to be a pain listing them all on EBay and taking them down to the post office. You could just have a garage sale instead. Just pick out all the things you want to get rid of and put them on tables outside your home. Make sure you tell everyone there is going to be a sale because you don’t want to rely on people passing by. Put some signs up and leave a notice on Craigslist.

make money with garage sale

Check out a job board

I think most people realize they don’t need to hire anyone full-time when they are building an online business because it’s a waste of money. That means they only want to pay people to carry out certain jobs. You can look on some of the many job boards online and see what you could easily do. It could be design work, lending a video your voice, or even just editing stuff. You will get paid as soon as the job is complete, so it should only take a few days.

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Kish Winner runs a successful online business. He finds many people mismanaging their money in the wake of starting a business and end up struggling to eat. He loves reading and “What is a Franchise” is his favorite book. A passionate blogger, he also writes on various issues.

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