5 Cool Toys to Teach Kids about Money

It has always been important to teach kids about money, as in later life this is a vital skill they need to master. Imagine a time when you were simply expected to learn about money in boring classes at school. Thankfully, those days are long gone. The site is being a good money role model for your children, kids of today also have a variety of toys to choose from to teach them about money. Whether it’s an inventive piggy bank or board games, there are toys that will make the process fun. Here are just five cool toys to teach kids about money.

Payday Board Game – $13.49

A classic for over 30 years, Payday is a game that teaches children the basics of making it through the month based on your paycheck. As the child makes it down the board, which resembles a calender page, she stumbles upon different expenses and bills she must pay from her paycheck. Best of all though, your child will not realize that she is actually playing something educational.

Learning Resources Pretend and Play Checkbook with Calculator – $16.99

While debit cards have become the norm in today’s stores, checks are still needed to mail the occasional bill. This play set not only shows children how to write checks, but how to balance their checkbook. This is one of the most commonly overlooked money management skills that can land adults in a bad position. Early introduction to check balancing can help prevent bounced checks in the future.

Electronic Learning Cash Cow – $24.99

Who needs a boring piggy bank when you can have a Cash Cow? This interactive piggy bank not only recognizes coins as they are inserted and shows the total on an LCD screen, but also teaches your children a thing or two about counting money. Best of all, when the child wants to get the money out, all he needs to do is push the cow’s nose and the mouth opens. No more broken piggy banks.

Monopoly Electronic Banking Edition – $30

Monopoly has been teaching children about money for decades. However, this edition not only uses more realistic prices, but also uses electronic payment methods. Children will have a blast buying multi-million dollar properties and charging expenses. My children still play the good old Monopoly game and would really love this one!

Barbie “Shopping Time” Cash Register – $40 – $95

Any little girl that is into Barbie will love this toy. The Barbie Shopping Time Cash Register allows children to ring up dozens of items as well as use credit cards or cash to pay for them. Children can even use grocery store savings cards. It’s a wonderful learning tool that is actually fun to use.

There are a number of ways to teach children about money, but when you make the process fun, they’re more likely to pay attention. Whether you’re teaching them how to balance a checkbook or pay for groceries, money skills are something every child needs to learn.

About the Author: Doyle Imbesi loves teaching children, especially when it is time to talk about money. He also writes about budgeting, grants for college, and employment agencies.


  1. Ben Johnson says

    Monopoly is certainly one way for kids to begin learning the value of money. One game out there which really takes things to the next level though is Cashflow 101, a critically reviewed game from Robert Kiyosaki. This is a great board game to teach kids about money, stock investment, debt etc.

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