3 Reasons Why You Can Save With a Multiple Line Insurance Discount

Most people today have one or even several different types of insurance to protect their cars, homes, life or even health. It might seem logical to shop around and try to find the best deals for each individual policy, ending up with four different plans at four different insurance providers. However, there are some steep discounts that can be enjoyed by bundling your policies together and dealing with just one company for all of them. Here are the reasons why so many large companies offer a multiple line insurance discount, as well as how you can benefit from the policy.

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Secure Clients

Nothing is more effective in securing clients in the long term as holding several insurance policies with the same company. The discount offered by an insurance provider might be as much as twenty percent, but they will recoup those losses by having a new client who many go on to invest in a healthcare policy, rental insurance, life insurance, car insurance and more. Large insurance companies want to do whatever they can in order to secure the greatest amount of clients. In fact, many companies are willing to offer discounts so steep that essentially they are breaking even with clients rather than losing them to competing insurance providers.

Take Business from Competitors

Every new client that an insurance company gains is one that will no longer provide income to a competing company. Although this might seem unfair or even cutthroat, the reality is that in the world of business it is important to gain clients as well as take them away from other similar providers. The larger a company grows the smaller the other insurance companies will get, giving the larger company more room to offer discounts and increase customer service staff without losing money in the long run. This is why companies are happy to offer greater discounts each time you add a policy with them, as for each policy you add another company will lose a customer in that field.

Regular Payment Schedule

Large insurance companies spend a lot of time and money each month billing their clients. By having one client with multiple policies, it can be less expensive to send out monthly bills. Instead of sending our four different bills with envelopes and stamps, just one will be necessary. Although these savings might seem small, they contribute to the overall discount that you will receive for having a multiple line insurance policy. In addition, insurance providers appreciate that they can expect regular payment each month from one bank account for multiple policies, reducing the amount of accounting staff that are necessary to have on the payroll.

By understanding why insurance companies are able to offer such steep multiple line insurance discounts, you may want to consider pursuing some of the financial discounts yourself. Speak to each of the companies you currently deal with and ask for a quote if you combine all of your policies together. Choose the provider that can save you the most money overall.

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