11 Top Baby Gifts for the New Mom

As a mom of 2 young children, I realize the importance of moms taking some time for themselves, even if it’s just an hour. Let’s face it, most of us would be happy with that some weeks.

So, when a friend or family member is expecting, or has just recently had a baby, I make sure to give a gift for, or related to the baby, and another for just mom.

I have put together a list of ideas for those of you who would like to do this as well.

1. A Functional Stroller

I’m not talking about a standard stroller, but one that will grow with you and your family. For example, the Joovy Caboose stand on tandem stroller is one that can carry a child in the front just like the traditional strollers. But, there’s more.

It also has a bench seat in the rear, for an older child to either sit or stand. The unique design of this type of stroller allows parents to get out more often with the kids.

Moms will appreciate any equipment that will make their day of errands much easier.

2. Baby Bike Carrier

Another idea for the active mom is a baby bike carrier. This will allow her the freedom to go biking, without having to pay for a babysitter, or wait from help from the family.

There are different models to choose from, but attach to the back of the bike. Most are like a tent, providing protection to the child, and offering a great time for a fussy toddler to nap. I know I have placed my kids in the car for a ride at times when they were being fussy.

However, this has the added bonus of giving mom the opportunity for some exercise at the same time.

3. Mommy and Me Photo

What mother wouldn’t want one? You can get a gift certificate for a local studio, and she can make the appointment when she is ready.

If you are gifted with taking photos, you can save money by offering to take them yourself. This also gives mom and baby a little time out with a friend, and you some time to bond with the child.

4. Gift Cards for New Clothing

Even after a few workouts and losing the pregnancy weight, I felt my old clothes were not quite fitting the same. I would have appreciated a gift card for a clothing store, to buy a new outfit.

5. A Night on the Town

Put together a plan for a night out on the town, just for mom and dad. This could be dinner and a movie, tickets to a play, a carriage ride in the city, just about anything.

As an added bonus, offer your baby sitting services, so they don’t have to pay for a sitter.

6. Dining In

A handwritten ‘gift certificate’ for a homemade dinner will be a welcome surprise to any new mom. You can determine how many times you want the certificate to be for, such as one night a week for a month, or just once.

This is an inexpensive and thoughtful gift, which will be appreciated. It also doesn’t have to be complicated.

Ideas for easy to make dinners include:

* Lasagna, salad, and bread
* Chili and cornbread
* Soup and Crackers
* Crockpot Burritos and salad

You could even order from a restaurant as take out.

7. Matching Jewelry

Consider buying a matching charm that can be used as the child grows. I know someone who started an ‘add a pearl’ necklace for his niece when she was born. Each year, he bought a new pearl to add to it, and as a grown woman now, she has a beautiful pearl necklace.

For the mom, you can give a single drop pearl on a chain to compliment the daughter’s necklace.

8. A Trip to the Spa

Most moms would appreciate a day of pampering. You could either give her a gift certificate, and offer ba

9. A Cup of Joe
bysitting services, or go with her for a friend’s day out.

I love my coffee, especially after a restless night. However, finding the time to make a pot of coffee, let alone drink the entire pot, isn’t always easy with 2 young ones in the house. So, I invested in a single cup coffee maker, and love it.

It takes very little effort or time, so I can have my cup of coffee within seconds of wanting it. This is an ideal gift for coffee lovers who don’t want to waste a full pot of coffee, or the time it takes waiting for it to brew. In other words, a new mom.

10. A Day Planner

Anyone who is busy with a new baby, and everything else life has to bring, will appreciate a nice day planner. This will help keep track of well visits for the baby, as well as scheduling some ‘mommy time’.

11. Gift Basket of Lotions

Everybody loves the smell of baby lotion and powder, so that’s a popular gift. Take it a step further by filling a basket with baby lotions…and lotions for mom.

If you don’t know which scents she prefers, get a sample of several, with a gift certificate to purchase the one she likes.

In Closing

Hopefully I have given you some ideas for the new mom and baby in your life. If you need information on where to find some of these items, just search the Internet.

I am a big fan of the Internet, and the information you can get from it. For example, if you want to search for the best stroller, type in ‘Bumbleride Indie review’ into the search box and you will get information from users of that particular product.

The same could be done for photographers in your area, coffee makers, or jewelry.

Melissa Cameron is a mom of two, married and living in Texas. As a freelance writer, she enjoys writing on information and products that she finds helpful. When she is not searching the Internet for innovative ideas, she is spending time with her family.


  1. Joe says

    Thanks for the great ideas. My wife just had a baby and I was wondering what to give her for the hell she just went through. Thanks again for the great ideas.
  2. Jerry Patterson says

    Hi Mitz,

    I came here to see what you had to say about Joovy strollers and your aricle was really timely. My niece is delivering her first baby in April and your gift ideas were great. Thanks,


  3. Sharon From Uppababy Vista Strollers Reviews says

    Hi Mitz,

    Thank you for your wonderful list. I agree with your point 3. Mommy and Me Photo very much. Now I regret not having enough of those photos with my two children are born and growing up… 🙁


  4. zac says

    A friend is going to have a baby soon, so these are all great ideas for me to think what gift to get her. i like the one on homemade dinners. I am sure she will like them coz i bet with a baby around, she won’t have time to cook!

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