10 Weird Ways to Save Money

Whether you’re broke college student, a struggling mom, or just a person who’s is trying to make, you’re always looking for ways to save money.   Here are ten more wacky ways to help you save money:

  1. Don’t go out of the house. This leaves no temptation to make purchases or spend money on car maintenance and insurance.  More reasonably, you can make fewer trips which will, at least, save you money on gas.
  2. Stop watching movies at the theater.  Watch movies at home with microwavable popcorn to give you more of the theater feel.  Don’t pay for cable.  Get movies from Netflix instead.  Better yet, rent movies from the library for free.
  3. Eat at someone else’s house.  It doesn’t cost you anything when you’re eating up someone else’s food.  Every time a family member or friend says that they’re cooking, head out the door and start mooching.
  4. Reduce you cell phone plan.  If you’re still stuck in the stone ages and own a landline, get rid of it.  Instead, stick with a basic cell phone plan.  Take only incoming calls and only allow emergency outgoing calls.   On the other hand, getting rid of incoming calls all together sounds better.  You’ll save money while not having to worry about any more annoying telemarketers.credit-freeze
  5. Only order appetizers at restaurants.  Just ordering a salad is even better.  For a drink, ask for water with a lemon.   Using the sugar packets on the table, make you own free lemonade. Forget the appetizer and salad and just snack on the complimentary rolls for an entirely free meal
  6. Add water to your conditioner.  When the contents of your conditioner get to the bottom, just add a little water and shake it up.  Get your money’s worth by using EVERY last drop.  You can apply the same method to lotion.
  7. Never buy shampoo or soap every again.   You don’t have to smell to save money.  Snatch the shampoo and soap from hotels.
  8. Pick change up from the ground.   Collect change from the beach, inside your couch or wherever you can find change.  Put it in a piggy bank.  When the piggy bank gets full, take to a bank and deposit it in a savings account.
  9. Use deodorant every other day.  If you’re not doing any hard labor and you’re not sweating, you really don’t need to use it every day.  Cutting down your usage will make the product last twice as long.
  10. Barter.  They do it China.  People don’t realize they can barter certain items like shoes and jewelry in America but you can if the salesman receives commission.  Barter everything you possibly can from child care to medical insurance.

In this day in time, you got to survive any way you can by inventing ways to save.  You’ll be flabbergasted by how much can save over the course of the year just by trying a few things off of this list.


  1. fran33 says

    you can add olive oil to conditioner and water to save money. it works good and use oil with no smell. you also can use voice over internet to get rid of landline phone service and cancel premimum tv service if you only watch a few movies on hbo every month.

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