10 Ways You Could Have Saved Big This Christmas

Christmas has a habit of sneaking up on us, and with the last minute spending around the festive season, the optimistic budget you set earlier usually gets blown quickly. In fact I do not know anyone that can stick to their Christmas budget but we can still try harder for next year.

Here are ten great super saving tips you can use for next Christmas:

1: Make Small Sacrifices

In January many people will be wincing at their bank balance, utteringly “I’m so skint” but this doesn’t have to be you. Start making sacrifices now to save later.

Think about all the little things you do each day, and see if you can scale them back for big savings in the run up to the festive season.

2: Secret Santa

Giving might be in the spirit of Christmas but with a wide circle of friends can you really afford to buy them all expensive gifts? Consider setting up a “Secret Santa” so you only have to buy a single gift and no one feels left out.

Be extra frugal and set a spending limit of £10 or £15 pounds for the gifts!

3: Don’t Panic About Presents

Don’t panic about gifts for the younger relatives; Children won’t often judge a gift by its financial expense, so don’t be afraid to buy a non-branded item if it’s a lot cheaper. Maybe get them a smaller second present with some of the money you save, and everyone wins.

4: Make a List

Santa shouldn’t be the only one making a list and checking it twice. Make sure you’re only spending what you need by making a checklist of essential purchases. When you’re out in the supermarkets, remember to only buy what’s down on the list and you’ll save plenty.

5: Say No To Naughty Excess

It’s easy to go overboard, but excess solely because “it’s Christmas” will leave you feeling miserable when the bills roll in for January. Question your budget for the festive season: Do you really need a turkey that big, does your child really need all of those gifts?

It doesn’t have to be an austere Christmas but scaling back could cut your costs to ribbons!

6: Don’t leave It To The Last Minute

With Christmas so close, don’t put off your festive shopping any longer.

Avoid last minute panic buys by planning ahead for all your festive needs. Buying in advance gives you a bit of time to check out local prices and avoid expensive last minute purchases or the risk that the item you want will no longer be in stock.

7: Sell Last Years Unwanted Gifts

Are last year’s presents still gathering dust? Put them to work and list them on Ebay! This can be a great way to raise some quick cash for Christmas, and it’s better to have cash in your pocket than unwanted presents in your attic, right? Re purposing your unwanted xmas presents is a great way to make use of your gifts that don’t suit you.

8: Don’t Buy For Yourself

When you’re surrounded with gifts you might be tempted to spend something on yourself, after all you deserve it after all this present shopping. But you can give yourself gifts in the substantially cheaper January sales, make this season about others, not yourself.

9: Turn It Down A Notch

Over the chilly festive season heating bills can skyrocket. Why not try setting your thermostat a little lower? Just 1 degree less could bring you savings and you won’t notice the difference.

10: Send E-cards

Instead of buying Christmas cards and sending them to friends and relatives around the world, opt for an E-card instead. E-cards are totally free in most cases and arrive instantly, so you don’t have to worry about them getting lost in the post either. It is not always a good idea to recycle birthday cards or Christmas cards by crossing out the writing inside, that is why E-cards are now a good idea.

Savings Aren’t Just For Christmas

These tips will put you on the path to a frugal Christmas the entire family can enjoy! Try to bear these tips in mind moving forwards and have a frugal 2013 and beyond!

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Author Profile | Amie is a freelance writer and blogger within the finance industry.  She specialises in comparing high interest savings account deals online and has worked for sites like Fair Investment Company (http://www.fairinvestment.co.uk/)


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