10 Podcasts About Investing Your Money

A great way to learn about investing is to listen to the experts. You can learn from their mistakes, learn from their successes, and simply learn more about the world of investments. If you read or listen to a wide variety of topics for a period of time, then it won’t be long before you become an expert yourself. Here are 10 podcasts about investing money to fill your iPod with.

1. Money Girl’s Quick and Dirty Tips for a Richer Life

This is a weekly podcast hosted by Laura Adams, a business professional who has years of experience in the corporate world, real estate, and finance. Her podcast covers a different topic each week.

2. Mad Money Machine

This is a podcast by Paul Douglas Boyer, who is a self-proclaimed Jim Cramer fan and who wants to help you get rich the lazy way. He only does a podcast about once a month, but they are packed full of good information. Each episode is about an hour long and focuses largely on choosing stocks and balancing your portfolio.

3. The Disciplined Investor

This is a weekly podcast brought to you by Andrew Horowitz, the founder of the investment advisor firm Horowitz & Company. Horowitz covers topics such as the economy, homebuilders, stocks, following trends, and retirement portfolios.

4. Vanguard: Investment Commentary

This is a professional podcast from Vanguard, which focuses on the economy, financial markets, and managing your investments. Every month, there is an in-depth interview with a different economist, investment expert, or fund manager.

5. Vanguard: Plain Talk on Investing

This is another high quality monthly podcast from Vanguard. This podcast focuses on giving advice to the individual who wants to control the majority of his investments himself. Easy to follow, practical advice without a lot of financial jargon is what gives this podcast its name.

6. Marketplace Money Podcast

This is another weekly podcast with a new episode every Friday. Host Kai Ryssdal tackles both international and national issues that are likely to have an effect on individual Americans. Kai Ryssdal calls it “the money show for the rest of us”.

7. The American Advisor

This is a daily radio show that has been adapted to a podcast format. You can browse to their website to learn about the latest market news, current events, financial information, and interviews with experts.

8. Wall Street Confidential

This is a podcast hosted by Jim Cramer and other experts on the Street.com team. Every market day they take a look at the most noteworthy stories, the market action, and the most important news in the financial world.

9. The Millionaire Zone

Jennifer Openshaw hosts this podcast three times a week. Since releasing her best-selling book The Millionaire Zone in 2007, Jennifer Openshaw has been teaching people all around the world how to create wealth for themselves. She also discusses how to manage your money once you have it.

10. The Real Story

This podcast was selected by iTunes as a staff favorite and the Best New Podcast of 2006. Ever since then, it has been going strong. On every market day, this podcast educates investors on the latest news on Wall Street. It seeks to look behind the headlines to find out what is really moving the markets so that you can make more money.

There are many other great podcasts out there that can help you become a smarter investor. Listen to one each day and you’ll soon be a competent investor yourself.

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